Retail Therapy

Recently I read an article featuring some stores with notable interior/exterior design . The following two were featured.

Yohji Yamamoto:
The Yohji Yamamoto store on Paris' Rue Cambon seems about as meditative as retail commerce can get. It was designed by Sophie Hicks and centers on Yohji's white box concept. There are two white spiral staircases in the store, and the rest of the interior is, not very surprisingly, matte white. Even the outside of the ground floor has been whitewashed.
The main floor has a 2,000 square foot empty space at it's core adorned with nothing but free standing maniquines showcasing Yojhi's designs.
This is one store that I would very much like to see. It seems like the design reflects Yojhi's introspective character. Very appropriate indeed.

Derek Lam:
The downtown New York boutique was converted from a 19th century manufacturing building into a gallery of Lam's womenswear. Clear acrylic walls shape little rooms that each frame a different collection. Architects Ryue Nishizawa
and Kazuyo Sejima added warmth to the single-pour concrete floor with original brick walls painted white and custom fittings in aluminum and wood. I love the contrast that the store creates..... sort of a clear futuristic asthetic, combined with an old industrial look.

These seem like they would be a place you could not only shop, but meditate. The true meaning of "retail therapy" maybe? haha.


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