So, this friday is the 11th. That = Collab Christian Siriano with Payless.
Believe me... I was more excited about this than anyone else..... but upon seeing recent leaked pictures of the actual shoes that will be sold, I find myself being a bit disappointed.
These are pictures from the actual runway collection... promising designs. Love the boots. Some of the heels are Rodarte inspired with the spikes and all....

But these pictures worry me...... The pictures of the shoes to be released are like watered-down versions of the originals. They, for lack of a better term... Lack luster.
The turqouise bootie for example:

Runway Version-

Payless Version-

The shoe has sooo much of it's height... and the color isn't nearly as rich..... The platform and the curved heel are what MAKE the shoe... and they're GONE.

Here's another pair of heels..... watered-down to NOTHING:

It disappoints me that fashion has to lose all of it's character in order to be "commercially appealing"....
I mean, do they think people won't be able to "handle it"?
I don't know....

However.... these are still nice. I'd go for them:


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