The age of enlightenment

Hello. My name is Melodie. And I have a problem.
With buying crappy clothes.

So I've been told that I dress nicely. I don't think so, but I try.
My problem is that I have an addiction to quantity not quality. I usually end up with about $200 a month to spend on clothes, and where does that go? Nasty shirts and who knows what else from the likes of forever 21 and the salvation army.

So, with the start of this new blog, I want to take this opportunity to change my horrid habits and start buying less and focusing on what I'm actually buying more. No more "experiments" from thrift stores and vintage buys that I only bought because I felt bad looking through some old hag's store without buying anything, that only end up collecting dust in the back of my closet.
So here is my pledge:
I, Melodie, promise to take more than 5 minutes looking at what I'm about to purchase, and make sure the fit, the color, the fabric, etc. is desirable and not just appealing because I have my cheap goggles on.

I need more money....


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