Transformers! Fashion In Disguise

Feel free to ignore that ridiculously lame title.hehe
I've been planning on posting this for a couple weeks.Don't know what slowed me down.If you have flipped through POP you have probably gotten word of Prada Transformer by OMA/Rem Koolhas. The shape shifting cultural pavilion,wich cost around $10,000,000,made its first appearance in Seoul, Korea in April 2009. It takes the form of a tetrahedron with one hexagonal face, one cross-shaped face, one rectangular face and one circular face.It can host many different events(exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings) by using cranes and such to flip the pavilion so that each shape faces the ground. The idea of a pavilion that can have four seperate identities, making each visit to a programme totally different from the others, is so mind-boggling and even sublime.

OMA Transformer Intro from Ruben Morillo on Vimeo.

new transfrom

Athough the film screenings and exhibitions show some amazing things by AMAZING artists, it is the fashion segment that intrigues me the most(obviously). It has a show displaying Prada skirts from the very first collection up to today in "motion". Just watch this video and you'd understand. It was taped by a Korean fashion student and is really short but it's still amazing.

prada transformer skirts - 05/08/2009 from saehee hwang on Vimeo.


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  1. This is SO cool! Thanks for posting, Gorge!