Last year I started growing my hair out. It was a chin length bob last summer and now it's a little bit past my shoulders.....(not nearly as long as I would like).

After a whole year of having the same hairstyle (straight blunt cut with a fringe), I'm a bit tired..... to say the least.

I feel like I need to have a signature hairstyle. Anna Wintour has her cropped bob........ Rei Kawakubo has her .......cropped bob. (I'm seeing a pattern)....Alexander Wang has his "I just woke up so my hair is adorably tousled" look...... etc. etc. These hairstyles are part of their identity.
I like that.
It's like your own signature cherry on top of your outfit.

So, I've been experimenting....... And I must say, that I like the idea of a VERY BIG VERY HIGH BUN. I think I'll try it out for awhile. See if it suits me.

I adore the ones that showed in Lanvin.


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  1. I wish my face suited a topknot but my boyfriend says it makes me look like a light bulb.