Sandra Backlund

Looking through Sandra Backlund's current collection, you can't help but be in awe.

This is AMAZING knitwear.

And not only that but ART.

As a casual.... sporatic knitter, I can appreciate this even more. It's hard enough for me to remember how to knit and purl..... .

Any kind of handmade knitwear is a gamble..... it can look good.... or REALLY bad. Seldom have I come across someone as innovative as Sandra that can make knitwear into something truly spectacular.. AND wearable.

She's just amazing.

Do yourself a favor and go to her website and look at her past collections and archive...

This is what she has to say about her work

"I approach fashion more like a sculptor then a tailor"...

I like that.



  1. WOW! Was her line on the cover of "Surface" magazine about a year ago? this is AMAZING!


  2. Yeah. I think it was. I love "Surface".... such a good magazine.... it doesn't get the fame it deserves.