If I was still in school.....

Book City Jackets' book covers would be a back to school shopping ESSENTIAL.

ALL of my books would be covered in ADORABLE covers... and EVERYONE in EVERY class would be JEALOUS.
(caps lock is for emphasis.... you can tell I'm really excited about this)

Book City Jackets' goal is to update the traditional paper bag book cover and turn them into affordable art that people can display on their bookshelves, coffee tables, whatever.
They come in one size that fits all (depending on folding techniques of course).

You can't buy this coolness at Staples.... mmm mmm NO!
But you can at their website: Book City Jackets


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  1. These are amazing! When I was in school....so long ago...I remember not EVER being able to get them to look nice (impatient) and would always have whatever girl I had a crush on do it for me. LOL...memories!

    - http://21Arrondissement.com