What's double breasted.....from the men's section.....and has my heart?

I think that a blazer is one of the most personal items of clothing that you can buy.
The cut, the fit, the color has to be right. It has to look structured but effortless, and of course.. comfortable.

Well...... if it's a KILLER blazer, the latter might be negotiable.

My point? A blazer can reflect your personality. So finding that perfect LBB (Little black blazer) can be harder than......well finding the perfect LBD.

Recently I've started getting back into thrifting. It used to be that I couldn't stand it.
But it's starting to grow on me. If I stick to the blazer section, that is.......... home-made crop tops, 90's pastel pant suits and sequined wedding dresses piss me off....

I tend to lean towards the men's section because that's where you can find the best stuff.
Besides, I like masculine cuts. They seem to "suit" me better. (HAHAHAHA pun)

Oh how I love you blazer.....let me count the ways....


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