My 2 cents

Melodie took every word out my mouth and added all the pictures so that saved me some work. haha. Alexander is the innovator to end all innovators. Sure the theme may have been covered before, but has it conveyed in such a way as this? NEVER! The way he used the digital printing technique for this collection was like that of his Spring 09 collection times 1,000,000. And as far as the commercial appeal goes, who cares if people wont wear this? This stuff needs to be in the Guggenheim and Alexander Mcqueen needs to be made king of the world. When he made this it was like he was thinking "Ok, I'm thinking sea creature. And I'm completely going to make some random black guy in Seattle die over the awesomeness of it all" That is what happened to me. If I could swim I would leave this world right now and create a new life out at sea. The entire collection was cohesive, complex, and over-all very interesting. I cannot completely express how much I love this collection. All I can do is let out a satisfactory sigh (mind out of the gutter. haha) and pick my chin up from the floor. And this collection is the first collection this season that Melodie and I agree is amazing in all of its ways. So big ups to Alexander Mcqueen and all of those aquatic creatures who inspired him!!

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