I cannot empahasize how much I love Nick Knight. He is a pure genius when it comes to making beautiful art. Repeat: art not fashion. Sure he captures images using models and the latest clothing designs and his work is in fashion magazines. However, Nick Knight does so much more than that. He bridges the gap between art and fashion. When I look at Mr. Knight's photography or view one of his movies, the clothes take the backseat. I feel as if I have been transported to a different world. A world free of inhibition where anything is accepted but nothing is expected. I just love Nick Knight so much. These photos are literally blowing my mind. They star an unrecognizable Carmen Kass( LOVE!) as a downright evil clown and are for Another magazine. Soooo beautiful. I know this will haunt my dreams and stay on my mind for days and I'm totally fine with that.hehe
Nick Knight

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