Issey Miyake

So last year I took a New Guinea Dance class in Santa Cruz.

I, Melodie, took a New Ginea Dance class........

It was a disaster.

I was falling all over myself the whole time and was sweating like a pig.... (that stuff is INTENSE)..

So you're asking yourself WHAT IN THE WORLD does a New Guinea Dance class and Issey Miyake have in common. Well nothing really..... It was the middle aged women that took the class that I want to talk about.
They were the typical yoga freaks who decided they wanted to take this class to try to be "cultural".
Apparently.... I missed the "Be sure to wear your 'ethnic' sarong or yoga pants with a crop top that shows off your middle aged stomach" memo........ so I arrived in leggings and a t shirt.
Apparently EVERYONE had gotten this memo but me.

Well, getting to the point. Some of Issey's collection reminded me of these women's outfits.
The collection seemed to have three sections to it: 1. the clean lined pale pallet wonderful section, 2. the new guinea dance class section, and 3. the colorful yet tasteful section. I hate some... (You can probably guess which looks. ha), but I love some.

And even the looks I hate, are still well done. The construction, execution.... I mean, come on... It's Issey Miyake!

The clean lined pale pallet wonderful section:

This coat makes me die a thousand deaths..... oh my's PERFECT.

The colorful yet tasteful section:

And finally....

The New Guinea dance class section:

And I have to admit..... no matter how much I sweated.... or how much I tripped... or how much my eyes burned from seeing those old women's pot bellies.......

That dance class was FUN.


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