In an effort to make GORGE seem more..... I don't know.... "homey", I think it's time to start making some posts about lifestyle.

I mean, if famous bloggers get 400 comments on a post about the salad they ate for lunch, why can't we?

We won't be getting 400 comments..... but maybe............ 2? OH LET US PRAY!

Thus, my home.
It is the local Peet's coffee.... and it is where I reside most of the time. I even have a little bed set up in the corner...

not. really.

But it's nice. And today is PARTICULARLY nice because I am wearing ALL american apparel...and.... I don't want to be a walking billboard.... but IT IS COMFY!
Enjoying some iced tea and vegan ginger cookies (I would gladly become vegan if I could eat them all the time)..


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