Heart to Heart

Let's have a quick talk about my closet.

It's a disaster.....

No matter what I buy, I have NOTHING to wear, and I've come to the realization that this is because of a SERIOUS lack of styling talent on my part..... I mean, serious... lack.

I buy a burgundy blazer thinking "oh this is nice"... and then I come to find that I have NO idea what to wear it with... None.
Which in turn... all of this "trying to put together outfits", produces stress.... and believe me, I don't need that.

When I was on the "wearing only black white and gray" kick with Kemba, it was easy. Because there was no thought involved.

I liked that.

So. I am starting something new.
Call it "The great purge of October 2009"...

I am simplifying EVERYTHING.
This month I am buying a wardrobe. A small wardrobe mind you (I ain't rich)... , and building the rest around the pieces that I'm buying.
What are the pieces you ask? The following:

-Black blazer
-Gray blazer
-Leather leggings
-White t
-Black t
-Gray t
-Black boots
-Black heels

Now I know that's all black white and gray, but I'm not looking at it as a "rule", just as a template.
I KNOW those colors go well together, which will maximize variability and minimize stress.

Win, win, win.

Oh, and did I mention that those pieces are going to PERFECT? As in... I will NOT buy them if the fit, color, fabric, etc isn't PERFECT. That way I will be completely satisfied with my wardrobe and not feel like I need to compensate for poorly fitting pieces.

I think that this plan will make my life a lot easier, and really help define my style......which is so UNdefined right now it's just pathetic.

I guess my "epiphany" is that while I like color...

I can't wear it..


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