Got Shoes?

Got shoes? Really Melodie? That's the best title you can come up with??

My recently discovered shoe obsession is become exponentially worse. It used to be that I could care less about what was on my feet. As long as it was comfortable, I didn't care. Believe me, I am a huge supporter of combat boots.
But now I find myself wanting to wear heels all the time.
Which is scary for the world because in 5 inch heels, I'm a towering 6 ft. 2 inches.

This brings up another subject. My height.
I went through a 6 year phase where I wouldn't wear heels at all. NEVER. This was because of the intense fear that I would be taller than the majority of guys (oh the woes of pubescent thinking)...
But last year I was tired of passing up shoes that I really loved, so I said SCREW IT and started wearing heels. I eased into it with some 2-3 inch heels, but now I could quite happily wear some 8 inch platforms and not think twice about it.

With this new found confidence comes with a side of obvious statements/questions from the people around me. Like "HOW TALL ARE YOU!?" "Wow you are REALLY tall!!!!" "Are you wearing heels!?"....
Two years ago I was mortified by these questions/statements, but now I know how to answer them.
When someone gives me a "Wow you are REALLY tall!!" I shoot a "...OH MY GOSH REALLY!?!? I hadn't noticed!!!" right back at them.
And in reply to "How tall are you!?" I give a "5 ft. 9 in...... how short are you?"
To these replies I get funny looks and sometimes offended ones..... but people really don't understand how stupid they sound... Yes. I'm tall. Let's not turn the matter into a 800 page thesis.

I've also noticed that when I wear heels, people tend to treat me differently.
To prove my point....
I was shopping in Bloomingdales one day in flats and asked a snotty looking sales girl "Do you have this any other color?" to which I got a dirty look, a scoff, and a "no."
The next week I walked into the same Bloomingdales wearing some 5 inch spiked heel platforms. I approached the same sales girl (now towering two feet above her) and asked "Do you have this jacket in any other sizes?", she slowly strained her neck up to meet my eye line and replied with a "OH! Let me check in the back... *comes back*, no I'm SO sorry we don't.... but I'd be HAPPY to call some other stores to see if they have it! It'll only take a minute... would you like me to?" to which I responded with a dirty look, a scoff, and a "no.", dropped the jacket and strutted off.

My point?

For better or worse, it seems that with height comes respect.
And what do I think about that?....

Bring on the Vivienne Westwoods!


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