"The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers."

That's the plot line of "The Hunger", the 1983 film that Tim Hamilton's spring collection was inspired from. Now, I've never seen The Hunger........ but
Oh. My. God..... THIS COLLECTION IS MAKING ME SEIZE!!! I LOVE IT. Easily one of my top five for spring. I really can't understand the semi- cool reviews it's getting.... I think it's absolutely amazing. It's easy to see the influence.... there are a lot of 80's sillhouettes, the bodycon dresses, the David Bowie esque slicked back hair, and the reoccurring round sunglasses (which are shown on David Bowie on the movie's cover). But the shapes! They're absolutely beautiful. Everything looks so clean.... and sterile?
I have to say... I did get the impression of "mad scientist" from some of it. Especially that WHITE JUMPSUIT. Oh my gosh.... I am dying.

But in a totally good "lovin vampires, mad scientists, the 80's and DAVID BOWIE" way....

The movie's cover


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