Wayne and Wang

I love me some Wayne.
I love pronounced shoulders, however I don't care for the "football shoulder theme" this season is favoring.
But. If you must reference your high school sport of choice, I think this silver jacket is the way to go. It's big. It's bulky. It's structured.
But it's well done. That's the key thing here..... There's a way to reference something without it slapping you in the face....saying FOOTBALL!!!!

I think Vera is underestimated a lot. Sure her designs aren't the most progressive or awe inducing, but they're real. And wearable. And make me want to go and put my hair back in a messy bun and throw on something shiny.
I feel like every time I look at a Vera Wang collection I can't help but fantasize that the clothes are made of jewels. They just look like they could be..... if we lived in a story book world..... and it wasn't 2 in the morning... and if I wasn't about to fall asleep on my keyboard due to exhaustion....
I don't know what I am saying....

I love the jewelry in this collection. Jewelry is something I am in serious need of. A good investment I would think.


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