Themes anyone?

While shedding much blood, sweat and tears (is that even grammatically correct?... where's gracie when I need her?), I have taken inventory of my closet and have figured out what I need to buy to make my life (aka....getting dressed in the morning) a whole lot easier.

Namely... shoes.... pants... and jackets.

SO. I've decided that with each month, will come a new theme for purchasing.
This month for example is "SHOES/PANTS" month.
I bought some new jeans.. and ordered two pairs of shoes.

Nicely done melodie...

I cheated and bought a coat today... but it does fall under the category of "jackets" so I figure it's ok.
Next month will be "LEGGINGS/JACKETS" month... and maybe some shoes.

This is what I do with my time now that I've graduated.....

I sit at home.... and plan monthly shopping themes....

God I need a job...


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