London Fashion Week

I was getting a little worried due to the fact that I hadn't seen anything that I remotely liked coming out of LFW...... probably due to the fact that they seem to be taking "spring" more literally while New York seemed to just be an extension of fall a lot of the time.
However! I have to say that I am VERY impressed with Matthew Williamson.
I ADORE this collection. And I'm not usually one to go for bright colors and shiny fabrics. But the shapes he uses and the color combinations are just perfect. I even love the geometrical mirror details..... usually I don't go for those.. but here they're done RIGHT.
I like the fact that it's all very wearable. I mean, I do love conceptual fashion... but at the end of the day it does come down to what will sell. These clothes definitely will.

I used to not be able to stand Williamson, but this collection may have changed my mind.

I LOVE this look!!! The skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS!

This pantsuit is amazing.... tailored... PERFECTLY.

This jacket makes me die so many times inside because I can't have it...

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