I'm feeling sick...

Oh my gosh......
OH MY GOSH.......
I am really freaking out right now.......
So I decided to check out Need Supply Co. to see what shoes they have in right now (still on the hunt for shoes)... Upon seeing the highly lusted over Jeffrey Campbell black covered wedges that I've been wanting for awhile now, I sighed.... thinking "oh the woes of having a size 11 foot.... they won't have it in my size".... but decided to click nonetheless...........

They have it in my size.


They are the PERFECT black wedges.
LOW heel, beautiful shape, pretty leather....... EVERYTHING I've been looking for...... for a mere $98??? ......A small price to pay.
The only problem is the money that I've transfered to my card won't show up for like 4 hours, and I have to go to bed...... So, in a desperate attempt I have emailed/texted/and left phone messages for my mom to please order them for me.
If she doesn't, and they go out of stock (which.... they will... very soon), I don't know what I will do. I really don't.

To people with a standard sized foot these probably wouldn't seem like much, but to me, they are a rare find.

It takes a lot for me to actually say "Oh my god" out loud and mean it.... but when I saw those two little 1's next to my dream shoe.... I said it. AND MEANT IT.
OH my gosh.... it's 2 in the morning and I am about to die.
This probably makes no sense.....so I'll shut up.


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