Antonio Marras

If I had to pick my top three favorite spring collections, this would have to be one of them.
This collection is so beautiful to me....
The soft color pallet, the light airy fabrics, the lace, the belted coats, the knee high stockings..... It's just perfect.
I am a person that loves structure, hard crisp lines and geometry in my fashion... but I have a HUGE soft spot for anything..... well.... soft.
Pastel colors... floral prints... I guess I'm a romantic at heart.
I would never wear anything remotely related to this type of thing, purely because it just doesn't look good on me, but I can still love it.


And to be frank... there's been very few collections this season that have really defined SPRING.
This collection was a breath of fresh air for me.

The girls look like they've walked out of a futuristic Renoir painting.

And as far as I'm concerned. Antonio hit the nail on the head for the season.



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